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We provide grades 10 -12 Online courses - K-9 Work from home option
K - 9 home option and grades 10 to 12 online courses

K - Grade 9 Program

Our K-9 teacher led program provides students the opportunity to work through a structured program while at home.
Students and parents work with the teacher to set up the timeline and choose how best to approach the student's learning plan. Students and parents must meet with the teacher face to face each month to review the effectiveness of the learning plan.
The parent's role is to provide the time and space for the student to study. The teacher provides and oversees the program and is responsible for the assessment.

10 - 12 Online courses

Our online courses provide students the flexibility to work on their courses at the time and place of their choosing. All our courses are online and students can access them wherever they have an internet connection.
Students work through the course at their own pace and reach out to their teacher through the course messaging system. Tests are conducted in a supervised face to face environment at Helen Dixon, CSS or the students home school.